Feeding options | breastfedbabies

There are several options you can consider if you want to keep breastfeeding when you go back to work. The best choice for you will depend on your own personal circumstances. You might find it helpful to discuss it with other women who have done it – try your local breastfeeding support group.

Continuing breastfeeding

If you are lucky enough to have a crèche at your workplace, or you are able to arrange childcare nearby, you may be able to continue to breastfeed your baby as normal. You can feed immediately before or after work, at lunchtime or during work breaks. It will help if the people providing childcare are supportive of continued breastfeeding.

Feeding expressed breastmilk

You can express your milk so that you can keep your milk supply going and someone else can give it to your baby while you are at work. Depending on your working hours, you may need to express your milk at work, so that you have milk to leave for your baby for the next day. Expressing will also help stop your breasts getting overfull and maintain your milk supply.

Working flexible hours

You might want to talk to your employer about flexible working hours and arrange to work around your breastfeeding times. Or you could negotiate shorter hours temporarily until your baby gets to the stage where he feeds less often during the day.

Combining breastfeeding and formula feeding

You could also breastfeed your baby when you are together and leave formula for when you are apart. Providing breastfeeding is already well established, most women find that their bodies quickly adapt and that they have enough milk to feed in the evenings and at weekends.