Continuing with breastfeeding | breastfedbabies

The World Health Organization and the Department of Health Social Services and Public Safety in Northern Irelandrecommends exclusive breastfeeding up to the age of six months, and continued breastfeeding along with the introduction of other foods for up to two years after that.

You will find that as your baby starts to enjoy more family meals, he may want to breastfeed less often. Breastfeeding can continue for as long as you and your baby wish, many mothers find that it they can continue with morning and bedtime feeds. Even one feed a day can make a difference to you and your baby.

Organisations such as La Leche League provide information on sustained breastfeeding.  

The NI La Leche League Helpline is 02895 818118 or you can call one of the La Leche League Counsellors.